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I wanted to share what i've been working on recently. Spuffy is my respite, but my passion lies with my children. Both are diagnosed with Asperger's , depression and ADHD. I've recently started a blog in hopes of reaching out to others in my family's situation. For those of you not familiar with Asperger's, it's a social disorder on the autistic spectrum. Asperger's presents itself in a variety of ways. Each child or person's presentation is unique. Here's the link to my blog if you'd like to learn more.  http://aflukeofnature.blogspot.com/

I've mainly written about my son's struggle. It begins with, B The Early Years.

I'm not searching for sympathy or pity. I'm simply trying to help as many people as possible.
It's a little after 3:30 and I have yet to go to sleep.  I have lots to do tomorrow, including a meeting with my son's therapist and a tutoring session for my daughter. I was tagged over on FB for the "25 things about me" list so I just finished that - just have to post it.  I'm still sticking with my diet and things are looking good! That seems to be the one thing I have control over. I'll be playing tennis on Friday, for the first time in about six months.  I hope I don't have a heart attack!

Earlier this evening I bought tickets to see The Pogues in Atlanta. I'm stoked about that!  I got Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yesterday, it's fantastic! I've watched it twice.

I'm just finishing up my new organic hot chocolate and about give sleep a shot.
Two weeks ago I gave up bread and sugar, with the exception of  the one or two glasses of red wine I have almost daily.  Those are vital to my sanity! Anyway, my pants have been feeling a little loose so I thought I'd try on my "not so fat " pants and to my amazement they fit! I'd lost one whole size in two weeks!  I just need to cut down on the smokes and start playing tennis again. At the moment, I don't think I'd last 10 minutes on the court! 

At the moment it's something like 19 degrees outside, not really inspiring me to do much of anything. I'd like curl up in bed and watch Buffy.  Start with season 2 and go from there, but I've got other things I need to do, like go the bank.  We're going to see The Gourds tonight.  Got a babysitter and everything, providing she doesn't cancel, as she is wont to do.